Sunday, January 31, 2010

Reds Winter Caravan

Almost two months ago it was the annual Redsfest;
The celebration every year in baseball is the best!
Now the Reds come where work to Miami University
So once again the Reds I will get the chance to see.

The Western Leg of the tour is stopping in Oxford Ohio.
I arrived for the event with an hour left to go.
A line of roughly twenty were waiting when I arrived
More filtered in soon after, avoiding the cold they'd strive.

I Asked Walt Jocketty about Cabrerra's deal;
Was it club or mutual, or for the player to steal?
The general man answered the question "Yes."
Artfully dodging, as everyone could guess.

Questions came from fans both young and old;
Player habits such as Bruce's twitch were all told.
Walt talked about the excitement of signing Chapman;
Frazier wants to play shortstop once again.

Benzinger joked about the poor manager for the Dragons;
When asked about his bat, Bruce not braggin'.
Volquez will hopefully be ready by the fall.
Janish will still be important, as he can catch the ball.

Clean-up spot has been talked about, it could be Rolen.
Thom's liked working with Brenley and McCarver when he's callin'
The game and he enjoys Welsh and Cowboys humor.
Walt dodged questions about any rumors.

I asked about an extension for the man, BP;
Walt would do it in a minute, if so would he.
The Caravan as always was a wonderful time for all;
Now we wait two months, for the ump to call "Play Ball!" 

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