Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Valuable from the start, though considered a throw-in;
One of the best arms we have coming from the pen;
Now others finally seem to agree with what I've said;
They finally are hitting the nail right on the head!
Volquez is a great pitcher, there's no doubt at all;
But the key to the trade is the one with the screwball!

He hears my friends and I cheer for him before each game.
Every weekend, we get ready, our cheers are the same;
"DANNY RAY!" we yell as he comes out to the 'pen.
We smile as he gives us his double point again.
A fan favorite and great pitcher we got for Josh
Who takes the mound when called on with panache.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Debut day

In last year's draft, a quality starter we did seek.
Now debuting today we have him-Mike Leake!

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Saturday, April 10, 2010


He came to Cincinnati after we traded Dunn.
Many thought it would be a short time in the sun.
He hit, fielded, and ran, Walt should be embarrased
That he still decided to sign Wily Taveras.

He has been great on the field, when given a chance.
Watching him gracefully field like it was a dance.
However, off the field is where his biggest influence is seen.
Now because of Chris Dickerson, We Play Green!

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Friday, April 9, 2010

Cubs fans

I really dislike Cubs fans at Great American.
I wish they would watch in their homes.
They're obnoxious and annoying, but at least
They pay for Bruce, Stubbs, and Gomes.

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There is a problem at the old ballyard;
The strike zone Homer keeps missing.
He's throwing the ball, he's trying hard
But he has all of the Reds fans hissing.

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Number Ones

The Reds have traditionally not drafted very well.
Look at our number ones and you can easily tell.
We have drafted busts-we've drafted plenty;
Of course hindsight is twenty-twenty. 

The new century has brought a change to our fate.
How can you look at the last several years and hate?
This year we will have four of the last six
Playing for our team, they're all in the mix.

Our oh-four draft pick will start as our fourth arm.
Our oh-five will be in right, causing baseballs harm.
Oh-six will be manning center, and stealing bases.
Oh-Nine is looking to be one of our aces.

Yonder may be ready, but has no where to play,
And Devin Messorasco may be ready someday.
However Homer, Bruce Almighty, Stubbs, and Mike Leake
Are already giving a reason to cheer for all Reds geeks.