Monday, February 1, 2010


The woeful Reds always losing it all
Games meaning nothing in the fall
The Reds take the field only to play for pride
Off-season moves that seem to bust
Fans feel they can have no trust
In the front office, they cannot abide
Now we have the Hot Stove Season
The Reds are finally giving a reason
For fans to stand up and let out a cheer
The off-season started with the Reds on snooze
It looked like another season we would lose
But now glimmers of hope may be here
It started quietly with third base
A restructured deal set the pace
For more moves that were soon to follow
Aroldis Chapman came as a surprise
The Reds started to open some eyes
Maybe in misery we’d no longer wallow
Minor transactions followed suit
Nix, Arrendondo, and Cairo to boot
However Jocketty’s hand he didn’t reveal
Cabrera’s signing could be good
Depending on his leather and wood
Assuming last season wasn’t for real
And now comes possibly the best news
Willy T Cincinnati will now lose
Which is possibly the best move made so far
Traded with Rosales to the A’s
Willy can stink it up by the bays
And the Reds are a better team by far
Maybe there is reason for optimism
Though Reds fans are caught in a schism
2011 shout some, the Reds cannot yet win
Others seem to think there’s a chance
A Wild Card berth would make us all dance
Let’s hope to see the Reds in October again 

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