Saturday, January 30, 2010


Two months is all the time we have to go
Until we get the return of the show.
In two months we could feel such glee,
But for now hope springs eternally.

If Aaron Harang returns to old form;
If Joey’s performance is his norm;
If Jay Bruce can hit at least two-eighty;
If we can sweep the Pirates, eh matey;

If we can keep the production from BP;
If potential turns to reality for Bailey;
If Cueto shows why he is “Little Pedro”;
If we can soundly defeat Roy the Astro;

If we get Rolen to deliver with some pop;
If on the basepaths Stubbs they can’t stop;
If our players can stay healthy all year;
If we can bring the Brewers to tears;

If Hanigan and Janish can hit a little more;
If Arroyo gives us 200 innings or more;
If Taveras doesn’t play (even as a sub);
If we can get rid of the baby-bear Cubs;

If Danny Ray keeps throwing his screws;
If Coco’s saves at least fourty-two;
If Masset and Burton can get us some holds;
If we can stifle the cards and Albert Pujols;

If Volquez come come back and give us some wins;
If Chris Dickerson’s career takes off and begins ;
If some of the prospects come up and deliver;
We could end up with a World Series by the river!

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