Thursday, January 14, 2010

Baseball Ethics

Shoeless Joe Jackson made a mistake.
Gamblers money he agreed to take
In exchange for throwing World Series games
He took money.  No doubt that was lame.

Several players join Shoeless Joe
Banned for games they tried to throw. 
They cheated the game, and the fans;
No doubt they deserved their lifetime bans.

Racist comments doomed Marge Schott.
She was banned-the dog was not.
She deserved her punishment as well.
On her mistakes we will not dwell.

However, we’ll mention the all-time hit king.
Let the Reds to back to back rings.
He had a disease-he had to place a bet.
So back into baseball he cannot get.

Now we have the hitting coach for the Cards
Admitting he cheated-but he is not barred.
Instead Selig celebrates him, he did no harm.
Big Mac is welcomed back with open arms.

Baseball’s lesson is important, so listen.
It’s not one that is worth missing.
Off the field you better be clean as a sheet
But on the field, it’s ok if you cheat.

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