Friday, March 26, 2010


Each year we get to her the predictions
The "experts give with full conviction;
"The Reds are the team to watch this year!"
But the season always ends with a tear.

This season it has already started.
The predictions have not departed.
The past decades losing will be thwarted!
(At least that's what the Cappers Picks Blog reported...)

Baseball Prospectus says we'll be losing again,
But Larkin and Hart both say the losing will end!
All that's for sure is that the Cards are at the top,
A math professor expects our win total to drop.

The gambling sites say the Reds have a chance.
Kneeland says if it goes right they could advance.
Daugherty says the Reds are a team of "ifs."
Gammons says the team has all the right gifts.

Every year people pick the Reds as the sleeper,
But pre-season predictions could not be any cheaper.
Picking the Reds to say "I told you so" if they do it,
Or "I said it was an if" when the inevitably blew it.

As fans, however, there may be reason to hope
After nearly a decade where we could only mope.
The Reds have become a young-star grower;
Let's hope they lead us to a Reds October!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Starting Questions

I am a Harang-atang from back in the day
Cheering for Aaron each and every way.
Enjoying the games where I could see him start.
From the other pitchers, he set himself apart. 

He was the ace without any doubts.
He could get all of the key outs.
He was who we wanted with the game on the line.
Aaron would win it for us most of the time.

Things now seem on a downward spiral.
We must hope his losing ways aren’t viral.
We are hoping that Aaron can turn it around
And to his former self, he can rebound.

The Reds are on the precipice of winning.
“Next Year” seems to be close to beginning.
We have potential and a number of ifs
Because of our young players and all their gifts.

So now a hard question we must ask-
If in post-season glory we choose to bask,
Is Aaron the player we should give the ball?
Should we hand it to a young gun making the call?

Who will help us win more games this year?
Our ace of the nineties (who I still hold dear)?
Or would it be better to give the young guys a chance?
It it time for Leake, Chapman, or Travis Wood to dance?

The fifth starter could easily go to one of the three.
However, would it be better for the Reds to see
If two of them should start-what a commotion!
Even though for Aaron it could mean a demotion.

What to do with Harang is a rather large question-
But if the young guys grab the ball with aggression
What would be the best to help the Reds win?
What will take us to the postseason again?